Decorating ideas to improve a room

I hate to say this, but the designers do not follow a specific manual. There are no laws about what we have to do with regard to Home Decor. We are creative beings by nature and we love to imagine, dream and explore, following our intuition. Having said that, there are many principles that can guide us to get a good result. There are things that simply work better than others. And they are not tricks that take years to learn. Anyone can, so you should be very attentive from now on.

Choose the color of the painting last. There are many owners that choose it when they arrive.

Of course: why not come and have nice freshly painted walls? You can do this, but it is not ideal.

There are thousands of colors, shades and shades. Each one is seen in a different way depending on the home, due to the lighting. You want to choose the color that is best complemented in your new home and that you can only check it effectively when all your things are already in your home.

Give space to your furniture. Do not obsess over overpopulation of all furniture rooms. This is good news if you have little budget. You do not need to fill up the whole space of things. Spend more budget on few things, but quality, and your room will look much better.

Hang the right boxes at the right height. In museums and galleries they are usually hung at about 170 cm because the human eye is at that height on average.

You should do the same. A good idea to see how it would look is to take a picture of the room and then superimpose the picture with a computer program or a specialized app for it.

Resist to make everything monothematic. Play with different environments and colors.

Create a point where everything is focused. There are leaders in every aspect and the decor does not differ in this. Choose your star point and make it the leader of the house. Your star point can be a very striking painting, a tablecloth in the kitchen or a piece of art in the living room. No matter what it is, choose something that catches your eye. In this room, the fireplace and the light are combined to create a star point, attracting the look to the center of the room.

Do not hang things for hanging. It does not matter as your great-grandmother gave it to you. If you do not stick to the room, find another place (maybe in another room … or in a box).

It varies the scales. What looks good in a store may look like an elephant in the middle of the room when you place it in your house. Or vice versa, it’s too small … Always keep in mind the proportions.

Add lighting layers. In this kitchen you can see how the different objects are illuminated creating a very cozy atmosphere. Lighting layers are put to create intriguing interest and variety. If you illuminate everything, nothing will stand out. Choose a star point and a secondary point and give them a little light.

The personality in the end is what makes a place unique and makes you feel at home, so feel free to blow your imagination. The more things you try, the more confident you’ll find some way to make everything look beautiful.

Lastly, forget all these principles and get your creativity.