20 simple ideas you can do yourself to improve your home

A house is not something that always stays the same way, but rather the opposite, with the passage of time we realize that something is always missing. If this is your case, we invite you to know the following tricks that will help you improve your house.

When we start a new life away from home where we have been raised, however much we want to have this new house of everything we need, over time we will always realize that something is always missing, however small, it is very important to Our day to day. These things can always be bought in any warehouse, but we also have the opportunity to create them with our own hands, as with the ideas that we bring to you and that will help you to make your home something better.

  1. Recycle doorknobs to turn them into towel racks.
  2. A painted picture where to hide things in the wall.
  3. Organize your bracelets in toilet paper roll holders.
  4. Create original shelves using old wooden drawers.
  5. Use an old clothes basket to create a polka dot pattern.
  6. The bottles can be transformed into towel racks.
  7. Shoe organizers can use them to organize certain foods.
  8. Save space by placing the ironing board hanging behind a door.
  9. Recycle the old CD organizers.
  10. Use a drink dispenser to manage your liquid detergent.
  11. Store leftover paint in a baby food jar.
  12. A curtain rod for storing bathroom objects.
  13. Keep a backup in your garden.
  14. A frame with glass like slate.
  15. A lifting table in the deepest shelves.
  16. Use foam noodles to protect your garage.
  17. Use a hanger to organize your cables.
  18. This is the best way to hide your router.
  19. Apply an ice cube on your carpet to eliminate the most difficult stains.
  20. Place an empty handkerchief box to organize your bags.