Design ideas for a teen bedroom

Teens can express their individuality through their choice of bedroom decor. Your entry should keep the most weight in the decision making process, but compromises may be necessary depending on the rules of the house. For example, apartment dwellers often cannot drastically change the color of the walls. Budgeting is another factor that can hinder designs, but both can be avoided through creative planning options.

The color options

Possible color choices for teenagers often include dramatic contrasts like black and white; neon colors; Red white and blue; or black and red. A compromise is to paint a single wall of a shocking color, or paint the lower half of the room a darker color and leaving the top part neutral. If you cannot paint the walls, add the teenager’s colors to enjoy through the choices of bedding, curtains and accessories.


Incorporate the necessary storage into the decoration of a teenager’s room. Set up a wall of lockers to hold clothes, school supplies, sports equipment or a stereo system. Stack white cubes, open front, or hang randomly on the wall to store small objects, books or CDs. Install a high shelf around the room about one foot on the ceiling to hold a collection of trophies or stuffed animals, for example.

Furniture upgrades

Change the furniture without spending a lot of money. Apply a coat of paint for children’s pieces to update the style. Use slate paint on a dresser to create a painted-ready piece of furniture. Add low-cost chunks, such as puff chairs, a futon, a papas a chair or hammock.


Template words on the wall. Choose the lyrics of the song, a poem or a favorite quote. Hang up extra-large letters of fiber boards in different styles to spell the name of them along the wall in the style of the note of rescue. Apply corkboard tiles to a wall for a constant viewing change of notes and photos. Use the old sports t-shirts to create a quilt or room curtains.