Home improvement

Finally you have decided to paint the bedrooms of your children. Not only that, but you’re going to do it yourself. Congratulations. Or your roof canals have become so full of leaves that it is the only place of overflowing rainstorms go down the sides of your house and sneak into the Foundation, and you have decided to install a channel protection system. And you’re going to do that.

These can be great choices. DIY projects are self-affirmation and self-empowerment and often provide real opportunities for personal growth and development. There may be substantial savings, or you want to reconnect with your school or what kind of store. Regardless of the numerous possible motivations, the most important consideration in any home improvement project is safety.

In addition to basic rules like wearing goggles and always having a companion support and stabilizing the ladder in which you are, home security often depends on your own level of fitness.

For example if you are relatively out of shape, it is easy to strain a neck, shoulder or lower back muscle when you are trying to apply the paint evenly to a corner of the ceiling. Similarly, if you have not done any strenuous exercise consistently in a while, DIY activities such as changing the car battery or even mowing the lawn can cause a low back injury.

Regular vigorous exercise provides many benefits in addition to preparation for physical work. Also, support the exercise and physical work is a specialized system of nerve endings known as proprioceptor.

1. These nerve cells play an important role in whether physical activity is performed easily and well or, on the contrary, results in injury. Briefly said proprioceptors tell your brain about the position of your body in three-dimensional space.

For example, if you are bent over to pick two cans of a gallon of paint, your brain needs to know that you are ankles are flexed to 20 degrees, your knees are bent at 80 degrees, and your hips are flexed at 70 degrees . If this information is not accurately transmitted or isn’t received fairly instantly, you may suffer a lower back injury even though the paint cans weigh only 8 pounds each. The proprioception becomes a critical system any time you go par upwards in a ladder.

2. I’ts balance depends on a moment-to-moment, bi-directional flow of information between your brain and your bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments. Your nervous system and the musculoskeletal system do all the calculations necessary so that you can work safely from the top step of your ladder. But if your proprioception system has not been optimally trained at one time and is, in a sense, out of shape, your overall balance and safety are at stake. Bad things can happen.

From all points of view, including home safety, it is important to keep your proprioception system in optimum conditions. You can do this easily through strengthening activities like yoga and bodybuilding and aerobic activities such as jogging, walking, swimming and biking.

3. Training proper acceptor is incorporated into all forms of vigorous exercise. Safe and successful way to complete your home improvement projects is one of the many benefits.