How to design your own cedar house

You can build a wooden house using a variety of materials, but the cedar houses stand so long and look beautiful for years. Cedar construction looks great with brick and stone or brick and stone veneers more affordable. You can design a cedar house, either metal or asphalt roofing material. Many cedar houses are built in wooded areas, so metal is often a good choice for skirting the leaves and branches that fall on the roof. Cedar coating absorbs various types of dye or paint very well, so the exterior is relatively easy to maintain.


  1. Talk to your banker and decide how much you can afford to spend on a new home. You will need facts about the cost per square foot for a typical construction project in your area. Decide if you can build a house that is closer to 1,500 square feet or 2,400 square feet, for example. Use this as a starting point.
  2. Select the basic shape of the house you like. The roof is the most definitive part of the design architecture of any home. Decide if you want an A- frame, a combination of roof angles or a straight ranch type roof, for example. Consider placing bedrooms in a loft using attic space under the ceiling for additional space. Comparison of house plans found in design books or on the Internet. Talk to a builder about the costs of a one-story house versus a two-story house.
  3. Draw your basic design on paper. Use a sketchbook and then transfer the ideas to the graph paper. Allow a six-inch squared paper space of real space. Draw different floor plans with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need. If your budget is limited, put most of your footage square in the kitchen-living areas. You can always build bedrooms in loft areas or build smaller rooms to allow more living space.
  4. List all the amenities you would like to have. Create this list so you can select what is really important. For example, every cedar home looks best with a brick base or stone front foundation concrete blocks. A stone fireplace, vaulted ceilings, hot tub and beautiful scenery should be part of the house. Decide which amenities you can add in a few years, so you build the square footage you need and worry about unnecessary services in the short term.
  5. Ask about the builders in your area. Talk to the owners who live in cedar houses that they have built on their property, if possible. Talk to home design business owners or home improvement store managers to get names of builders. Check out your builder of choice with the Better Business Bureau. Ask your builder to help you make critical decisions and find a way to save money on materials.

Tips & Warnings

  • Visit some models of cedar houses in your region in display lots. While you may not want to build a manufactured cedar house, you can get excellent ideas for design plans and floor plans in the study of these properties.