Ideas to decorate your home in spring

Spring is upon us, the most colorful and joyful season of the year. If you want to decorate your house to match this beautiful time, we will give you some very useful ideas, so you will feel that you are in the middle of a large garden and add a fresh touch to your home. The first thing to do is place plants in the flower pots, which can be painted with floral motifs. You can also add color to the furniture with pastel tones, so the rooms will have a cool touch.

If you have a ladder available, you can use it to place indoor plants throughout the house. Use window sills to place small pots, and if you have a small balcony, you can also create your own garden. You can also keep transparent bottles and paint them brightly and place them in windows as well.

If you want to paint the walls, we recommend that you use a blue color that would be perfect in the bathroom.  Green or white will also invite you to sit in the spring. In addition to the walls, you can use these colors for details like curtains, ceiling lamps and vases.

To decorate the dining room or kitchen table you can place a white tray with seasonal fruits, adding a more natural touch. In regard to the living room, you can decorate it with pink or yellow details, to give the room extra life.

In spring we want to enjoy the good weather, the color and the light, so use your imagination and choose your accessories carefully. For example, you can buy bright colored or floral print cushions. You can also hang pictures and photos with fun and colorful images.

In the kitchen, you can buy dishes with flowers or bright colors. You can save these and with the change of season, they can be used in more than one occasion. We recommend vinyl paper butterflies, flowers, etc., which are very easy to put up and take down and can be saved for the following year.