Learning to make home improvements by painting the house

How many times has it happened to us, that we think of making improvements to the home and by simple ignorance of the procedures ends up getting more expensive? How often do we want to become plumbers, we think that simply by picking up a plumber’s wrench we will solve a filtration problem, and we end up aggravating it and having to call a professional?

Well let’s suppose that our interests in home improvement are centered on painting the house, the first thing we must take into account is that we cannot do a good job simply by buying a few brushes and paint, if we want to do something well done we must learn how and today there are numerous guides for all kinds of home improvements. Let’s begin, the first thing we must know is that we must do to know what we will need, in the first instance we must know what state the walls are, regularly the walls to be repainted have cracks, the wall is chipped, lacerations, and even traces of moisture in the form of mold.

Once we know the symptoms of our walls we proceed to acquire all the necessary products for the whole process of painting, we must take into account that the improvements of the home like the graffiti of the house, involves several processes prior to the application of the painting. It is advisable to make a list as a guide that includes everything you need, in this list we must note grades of various gradations, adhesive tapes, anti-fungicides based on chlorine, cleaning products and detergents, brushes of various sizes and rollers with handle long, scissor ladders, plastics to protect the floor, paint depending on the size of the surface, among others.

The first procedure is the preparation of the wall, a good sanding after the removal of layers of paint with a spatula, clear the ground for the repair of cracks with mastic and professional paste, then is sanding again the excess material until that the surface is completely smooth. In order to achieve different levels of coarse and fine grinding, several types of medium and fine sandpaper must be available, the thicker ones remove a lot of surface and can ruin the work.

Once repaired and sanded our walls proceed to treat areas with moisture, here we can use some product based on chlorine as chlorine helps to eliminate fungi very effectively. After applying this type of product we must wait until the wall is completely dry to continue working. The next step in home improvements will be to remove stains with some special product, and finally we apply the paint, the layers of paint will depend on the paint we use. Remember the home improvements will benefit your quality of life and the better the used products, the better and more durable these jobs will be.