Making concrete steps

In order to facilitate access from the back door to the courtyard rear or from the front door to the sidewalk, it is important to take steps. Cement is the best material for building steps, because they need minimal repairs. If the cement cracks, repair is very simple and will not cost much money.


  1. Determine where you want to build the steps. Once you’ve determined you have to start to dig the ground. You can leave the land if it is not released. Otherwise remove it all.
  2. Positioning the beams, the stringers are made up guides that are located in the place where it begins and ends each step. This eliminates the need to calculate the height and depth of the steps.
  3. Cut front panels to the steps. The panels are approximately 2 and 6 must be fixed to the stringers. Check how stable on the floor.
  4. Place gravel within the frame. This will help fill the center of the frame, which is where you do not need to use a lot of cement.
  5. Pour the concrete into the form (you can also use the shovel to add cement). Hits the frame with a hammer to vibrate the cement mixture in order to help eliminate the possibility of air bubbles or cracking, Smoothest the steps with a spatula and make sure the steps are level using a level. Then brush the steps with a broom to make the concrete surface is non-slip.

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure the steps are non-slip to avoid accidents.