Tips for improving energy efficiency in your home

  1. Induction versus vitroceramics: At the efficiency level, the induction plates are much more efficient than those of ceramics. The latter have an efficiency of 55%, while the induction plates achieve an efficiency of 75%, and therefore, when heating a simple pot of water we will experience substantial savings in terms of energy consumption it means.
  2. Cover the entire cooker: The pots, pans or any other utensil that we are going to use to heat in the kitchen, should always be placed on the plate so that they cover completely the surface of the fire. One of the mistakes that we usually make in the kitchen is to place the saucepans in stoves whose heating zone is larger than the cooking utensil. We must keep in mind that the surface that we cannot cover is an unnecessary waste of energy transferred to the environment.
  3. Lids are essential to save energy: A simple lid can make you save each month on our bill. If we cover the food we cook, we can lower the power of the plate 2 or 3 numbers in the intensity scale, increasing the cooking speed. The lid, allows to maintain the heat and prevents that it is lost in the environment.
  4. The pot express increases our efficiency: We have to start out that the express pot is a very efficient appliance, it cooks much faster and therefore the saving in electricity is significant.
  5. Use of electrical terms: One of the best options for heating water is the electric terms, since its operation occurs at a very fast speed. They have a resistance that achieves an energy efficiency of up to 99%, since most of the energy is consumed directly to heat water.

Simply with these 5 little habits acquired in our day to day at the time of cooking, we can save and be much more efficient.