Tips for improving safety at home and work

Our home and work are the places where we spend the most time, so it is very important to take care of them and be vigilant that we have all the security elements to protect them.

Tips for the home

Now we are going to show you a couple of tips and the application of certain equipment to improve the safety of our home, both internal and external:

Electric generator

A home without electricity is a very vulnerable home. The best we can do is to buy an electric generator to keep the electricity inside the home, in case there is a power outage, at least we can have electricity in certain equipment or depending on the size of the generator in the whole house, to have the electricity supply especially in areas where we have extreme cold and the heating works with electricity. Also if we have small children or other needs that make us rely heavily on electricity to live comfortably.

Fire extinguishers

Within a home there are many possibilities of an emergency by fire, it is best to have at least one extinguisher inside the home and place it in the most strategic place where anyone can reach it, you never know when a fire may exist.

Security fences

One of the great alternatives as perimeter security system are the security fences, always adapting to the interior and exterior of a home, in our section of security fences you can find even extensible fences to reach up to 4 meters in length.

Tips for the workplace

In our place of work, be it office, factory, warehouse, workshop or any type of company also it is necessary to have all means of security:


Known as “Individual Protection Equipment” are suitable implements for the protection of an individual at the moment of performing a determined activity, among these implements we have glasses, detectors, masks, and among others … You will find all the variety in our special section for implements EPIS.


Motion, gas and material detectors, in addition to being able to monitor it from a distance, as long as the appropriate equipment has access to a remote controller.


When building a building or any construction within public areas we must prevent people from coming in to “sniff around” a little about the work, the warning signs are very good for these cases, and we can also warn our workers against areas fire or gases.

Locker room

All employees need the appropriate clothing to identify them and not to enter a specific area without the necessary equipment, many of these implements are heated, including safety boots and everything that a work wear needs, is a basis for safety within a company.


The spherical mirrors help to visualize in a 180ยบ angle of the whole store, as long as it is located in a corner being the most strategic place.

On the other hand, these tips are for both the home and the company, not only for those business owners but for anyone who has to take care of the goods and services within your company.