How a concrete floor sanding

Concrete floors are durable, low- maintenance and easy to care for and can shine as if they were an expensive stone Natural polished. A computer professional is required to achieve a good lasting finish on a concrete floor and hiring along accelerate the process considerably. Only the adventurous should try this project on their own, for larger or several rooms spaces, allow several days of working time to fulfill all the tasks necessary to achieve a successful outcome.


  1. Make a pass over the concrete floor with a disc grinder equipped with diamond wire mesh to remove the rough imperfections, smoothing the exposed aggregate and remove pits. It aspires or sweeps the dust and debris. Repeat this process until the rough concrete floor is smooth as you like, which can take up to five passes.
  2. Switches to a finer grit resin and diamond polishing disk of at least 300 grains to further refine the surface of concrete floor finish removing stains, even take the pores on the surface and smooth the edges of any aggregate built.
  3. Advance to a record fine polishing of at least 800 grains to refine the smoothness and brightness to sit on the concrete floor.
  4. Concrete floor polishes to a high gloss graduating disc very fine grain 1,500 or higher.
  5. Apply a polishing compound for concrete floors and polished with sander equipped with a disco floor polish, clean and soft. This last step raises any concrete residue left by previous processes and fills the microscopic pores, allowing the concrete floor more easily repels dirt and dust.
  6. It’s a good idea to consider concrete waterproofing to protect your newly finished floor. The waterproofing of concrete will prevent any spills into the soil and damage the surface.