Good ideas for remodeling the doors of the kitchen cabinets

Outdated furniture can cause a kitchen entire look old, even if you’ve updated everything else recently. If the cabinets are in good condition and have no reason to replace them, restore them is a cost effective way to update your kitchen without completely remodeling. In some cases, only replacing the hanging hardware and can make a big difference in the look of your kitchen cabinets.


The coated cabinets will change its shape, texture and color, in one step, to do remove the doors and drawers and scrape out the hardware. Wrap a piece of plywood on the surface of the drawer and door to give it a new look. The plate comes in a variety of colors, styles and rolling, so chooses one that meets your needs.


Repainting requires more time and materials, but is cheaper than coated or replacing the doors and drawers. This process requires you to remove the doors and drawers of cabinets; you take away the color and paint with a new twist. Consider adding a modern to paint cabinet doors and drawers of different colored frames touch. Another option is to use a faux finish, as old or cuts, to add a decorative touch.

Molding and borders

Sometimes the color of a cabinet is very good, but still need additional help. Consider using decorative moldings for cabinet doors accentuate edges or by creating decorative patterns. You can also try to create a frame within frame cabinet doors. Make a frame around the edge using a decorative molding, then make an additional frame a few centimeters inwards from the first.

Ideas diverted

Cabinet doors can do more than hide ugly piles of dishes or Tupperware. With some minor changes may become part of the highly functional kitchen. Consider lining the front of one or two cabinet doors with corkboard or slate instead of paint or wood. This will give you a space to write notes to family members, post photos and write down reminders and even a shopping list.